1954 – 2017

Welcome to a memorial gallery in honor of bassist, percussionist, studio musician and music producer, Doug Lunn. Please stop in often to see  more features about Doug's remarkable life and times.

If you're new to Doug's work, the best place to start is with a list of musicians he worked with. 

Doug performed on over 100 recordings with artists including Bruce Springsteen, Mark Isham, David Torn, Andy Summers, Sting, Ava Cherry, Toni Basil, Jimmie Spheeris, Paul Delph, Vida Vierra, Mike Keneally and performed in numerous film and TV soundtracks.

Doug Lunn in performance


You'll find videos of Doug in performance all over the net. To begin,  visit Mike Keneally's website.

Featured video by Stratos Ensemble

Main players in this video:
Doug Lunn - bass
Brock Avery - drums
Dean De Benedictis - piano, synths, embellishments and production
Daniel Coffeng - guitar and guitar synth

More videos:

Mike Keneally, Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn
Fire Merchants
Don't Give Up (with Paul Delph and Vida Vierra)
Stay Loud California (with United States Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi)

Who did Doug work with?

Doug Lunn performed on over 100 recordings with artists including Bruce Springsteen, Mark Isham, David Torn, Andy Summers, Sting, Ava Cherry, Toni Basil, Jimmie Spheeris, Paul Delph, Vida Vierra, Mike Keneally and numerous film and TV soundtracks. Doug was the bassist, percussionist and musical director with Peter Buffett’s multi-media show Spirit-The 7th Fire on a PBS special, CD, and 3 national tours. He was the co-leader and featured composer for the critically acclaimed band Fire Merchants with guitarist John Goodsall (from Brand X) and drummers Chester Thompson, Chad Wackerman, and Toss Panos. He toured Europe in 1997 with the trio Subject/Object which included drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and guitarist David Torn.

Doug was a member of the house band on the late night Dennis Miller Show on over 150 TV broadcasts in 1992. He was also a performer and musical director for the award winning Friends & Artists Theatre Ensemble (F.A.T.E.). 

Doug spent many years as the percussionist and music director for Swing Brazil Dance Company and was involved with the organization and production of the 3rd and 4th versions of the World Festival of Sacred Music during September and October 2005 and 2008 in Los Angeles.

Other artists and groups Doug performed or recorded with include: L Shankar, John Abercrombie, Paul McCandles, Don Cherry, Chaka Kahn, Steven Stills, Martha Davis/The Motels, Wayne Kramer, Mike Keneally, Reeves Gabrels, Empire Brass, Richard Thompson, Dave Liebman, Nels Cline, Kevin Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Axiom of Choice, Eddie Henderson, Mick Farren/The Deviants, Patrick Moraz, Mike Clark, Bette Midler, Ed Mann, Brian Adams, Eddie Jobson, Michael Des Barres, Joey Ramone, John Sinclair/Blues Scholars, Tanzi (the musical-1984), Sylvia St James, Zoo Drive, Robert Mirabal, Armen Chakmakian, Left-Right-Left, Lyle Workman, Warren Cuccurullo, Podunk Nowhere, Gilby Clarke, Umphrey’s McGee, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Cantrell, Kofi Baker, Stratos Ensamble and many others.

Doug Lunn Project CD


Doug's solo CD project. Intricately composed expressionistic and impressionistic performances for intercultural modernism. 

Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Mike Keneally (guitars), Peter Maunu (guitars and loops), Dimitris Mahlis (guitars), and George Bernardo (mallet percussion, engineer, mixing and production assistant).

Listen and buy at CD Baby.

Package photography by Doug's daughter, Dani Lunn.
Art Direction by Joe Fulginiti. 

FB: Who are your main fretless bass influences or favorite players?

Doug Lunn: Very few are fretless bassists. My primary influences are drummers, pianists, horn players, and composers. Music itself influences me more than a specific instrument like fretless bass. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Igor Stravinski, John McLaughlin, Ravi Shankar, Joe Zawinul, etc have all been much bigger influences than bass players. I’m also much more influenced by diverse musical cultures like African, Indian, and Eastern European musics. Also, many composers and music loosely classified as 20th century classical modernism. There are so many players in so many styles. In contemporary popular culture I love players like Tony Levin, Pino Palladino, and Mick Karn. Historically, you have to love Jaco for being such a powerful force and the breakthrough archetype of the fretless bass player. That being said, there’s so much music and so many great players out now but no one player comes to mind.


"Doug Lunn set me free in 1992. I thought I knew how to do jazz-inspired improvisation in a rock context prior to then, but it was only when I placed myself in his guiding hands (in tandem with Toss Panos) that the horizon began to reveal itself."

Mike Keneally

Photo:  Mike Keneally, Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn.

Gregg Bendian: "Everybody knows how blues singers get their name. Three elements are required. First is an ailment. Second one is a piece of fruit. Third one is a president's last name, right? Blind Lemon Jefferson. Well, Doug wrote a really warped blues we're gonna play for you now called "Dyslexia Mango Nixon" — Baltimore MD, May 22, 2014

Mike Keneally, Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn.
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