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Welcome to Singing Hands Pottery

Grace Markley

Almost everything we come into contact with today is mass-produced. The sheer joy of making a ceramic object by hand, working with the material itself, is a constant source of inspiration to me — a reminder that there is beauty in forms that are turned and considered by hand. Handmade forms are an act of rebellion from bulk, unimaginative production — and a statement about the value of handmade objects.

A bag of clay inspires me to look at techniques which challenge construction; seeing ordinary objects as unusual shapes; asking how far I can push the clay and still create viable, and hopefully beautiful, items for the table and the home.

When I work with clay, it’s as though my hands are singing. I hope my work carries the feel of the song. Taking time to refine a design or an idea in various ways using different styles and techniques is a way to stay connected with my creativity and to share ideas with the many friends I’ve made through this journey. It’s my hope that this work will become a part of family memories; to be given as gifts, passed down, treasured and shared.

Contact Grace with any questions or to inquire about a custom commission.

The Gallery below features current and previous work. Enjoy!


Grace Markley at Pottery Wheel

Custom Commissions

Looking for something extra special? I'm happy to talk with you about a custom project.

In addition to commissions, let me know if you're a potter who would like to share your work and hone your skills.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Garlic pot by Grace Markley

Garlic Pot

Some fresh garlic and basil, virgin olive oil, grated parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Blend well. Presto! Pesto!

This hand-crafted garlic pot helps keep your garlic fresh and ready for your favorite recipe. The air vents are the secret.

Custom made-to-order, just for you!

Contact Grace to request a quote.



2015 - 2019

My experience with clay led me to be a Senior Content Editor and Senior Specialist for an international online auction house where I was responsible for authenticating ceramic art, Art Pottery and Oriental Rugs consigned to the company for online auction sales. 

While at the auction house, I wrote the full detailed documentation on both Art Pottery and Oriental Rugs still used by the company’s editors today. It was my love of pattern and color learned through working with clay that afforded me the opportunity to learn and teach others the lexicon and types of fine handwoven rugs consigned to the company. The history, symbolism and design aesthetics of this dying art form inspire me constantly. It was through that work that I was certified as a rug appraiser by ORRA, the Oriental Rug Retailers of America. 

2011 –2018

Artist and Instructor
Whistle Stop Clay Works, Loveland, OH

Beginning Wheel

Intermediate Wheel

Advanced Wheel

Functional Handbuilding

Cocktails & Clay Instructor
(one night events featuring a single handbuilding project)

Private Events Instructor

Workshop Instructor: “Woven Baskets”
Whistle Stop Clay Works, Loveland, OH


Workshop Instructor: “Majolica Decoration”
Whistle Stop Clay Works, Loveland, OH


Guest Lecturer, Log Cabin Herb Society
“Mud as Life Lesson”, Owensville, OH


Workshop Instructor: “Slip Casting for Image Transfer”
Pinckneyville Community Arts Center
Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department, Norcross, GA

2006 – 2010

Instructor, Pinckneyville Community Arts Center

Beginning Wheel
Functional Handbuilding
Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department, Norcross, GA


I stand on the shoulders of giants. I’ve been fortunate to have learned technique by taking intensive workshops with some of the finest clay wranglers in the country. I admire and respect these fine artists so very much. They shared their joy of working with myriad ceramic materials, tools and techniques and inspire me every day to keep creating. 

Ron Meyers and Rick Berman

Akira Satake
Kohiki Technique

Liz Zlot Summerfield
Soft Slab Handbuilding, Forming Techniques and Embellishment

Richard Notkin
Ceramic Art/Sculptural Teapots

Linda Arbuckle
Majolica Techniques and Decorating with Underglazes

Paul Andrew Wandless
Image Transfer on Clay

Kathy King
Sgraffito Techniques

Sandi Pierantozzi
Functional Soft Slabs

Marko Fields
Textured Vessels

Kathy Triplett
Large Scale Slabs/Public Installations

Ben Carter
Design for the Soft Surface

Luba Sharapan and Erik Haagensen
Graphic Treatments, Handbuilding Technique, Firing and Wheel Throwing Technique

Missy McCormick
Glazing and Forming Techniques

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