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Examples of logos designed by Art101.
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Art101 logo design samples

Mutual Housing at Spring Lake white paper cover art


The report was built from the ground up for exclusive web delivery, which resulted in substantial print cost savings.

Art101 uses Photoshop for digital editing. The clouds in the sky were removed from the cover photo shown to focus attention on the architecture and to create a clean backdrop for the title elements.

Click the cover art above to view a PDF of selected pages.

© Mutual Housing California. Used by permission.


Art101 Wine Label Design

Digital illustration that includes vector and raster art is a major aspect of Art101 projects. Art101 builds designs for high-resolution commercial printing, making them crisp, clean, and color-correct for both print and web applications.

Shown: Wine label for a premier vintner in California.
Click for a close-up view. design and digital imaging

Art101 Destinations Mobility Direct Mail Postcard

Logo design, branding and direct mail postcard campaign.

Get details and explore more marketing collateral here.


Special Offer Promo Video: Ag Ad, Inc.

Ag Ad, Inc. Promotional Video
Website design and video by Art101

Liquid Mind XII: Peace, music video


"Surrender To Love" from Liquid Mind XII: Peace
Website design and music video by Art101

Logo design and motion graphic for Pete Galaxie Productions.
Used in trailers and films by the award-winning independent film and photography studio.
Related film: Just Out of Reach

"Beloved" – From The Moon To The Earth by J S Kingfisher
Music video by Dalibor Banovic.
Website design by J S Kingfisher & Art101


"Teach Me To Whisper" from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
Website design and music video by Art101


Art101: Ag Ad Mobile Web Design


Major facelift for longtime client Ag Ad Inc.

Custom built with Bootstrap to be fully responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets.

Watch a short promotional video designed in Adobe Premier Pro.

© Ag Ad, Inc. Used by permission. design and digital imaging Liquid Mind Music

Liquid Mind is the name used by songwriter, composer and music producer Chuck Wild for his series of 15 relaxation music albums.

Also see Featured Videos.

© Chuck Wild. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

A spacious web design where Emmy-nominated composer and songwriter Chuck Wild showcases his piano work.

Chuck's career includes writing songs for TV, films, releasing 15 best-selling relaxation music albums under the name Liquid Mind®, and keyboards for the 1980's pop group, Missing Persons.

© Chuck Wild. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

Art101: Remembering Doug Lunn

Remembering Doug Lunn

A memorial gallery to honor bassist, percussionist, studio musician, and music producer, Doug Lunn.

Doug worked on over 100 studio recordings and live shows with top-tier musicians and bands, film, and TV soundtracks.

Design and hosting donated in loving memory by Art101. design and digital imaging From the Moon to the Earth

From The Moon To The Earth

A 21-piece song cycle from composer, and recording artist J S Kingfisher, featuring a variety of lead vocalists, top session players, and videos.

Art101 was commissioned to assist with website design, development, and package design for the two-disc set.

© J S Kingfisher. Used by permission. design and digital imaging Singing Hands Pottery

Singing Hands Pottery

Logo, website, photo edits and branding for potter Grace Markley.

© Grace Markley. Used by permission. design and digital imaging Destinations Mobility

Destinations Mobility

Logo, branding, website design assistance and print design for a division of Paratransit, Inc.

Related marketing collateral.

Paratransit, Inc. and Destinations Mobility ®. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers

Website design, logo and branding by Art101.

Based in Miami Florida with a nationwide clientele, the firm specializes in lawsuits on behalf of severely injured individuals, investors, consumers, and businesses.

© Beck & Lee, P.A. Used by permission. design and digital imaging Jerry Szymczak Photography

Jerry Szymczak Photography

Website and branding for photographer Jerry Szymczak. Includes 8 galleries of photos from his extensive travels around the world.

"Any point on the compass promises an opportunity to find a common narrative."

© Jerry Szymczak. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

Website for author, comedian, performer, radio and TV talk show host Brian Copeland.

© Copieco, Inc. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

Showcasing the beautiful handcrafted guitars of Larry Mills.

© Larry Mills. Used by permission. design and digital imaging

Website and logo design for Pete Galaxie Productions, an award-winning independent film, video, photography, and lighting design firm by Pete Kelley.

The film "Just Out of Reach" with logo and title design by Art101 was featured on the PBS program Shorts Showcase.

© Pete Galaxie Productions. Used by permission design and digital imaging

Website and logo design for the award-winning short film, The Silence of Bees. Visit the site to watch a trailer, meet the cast and crew, and much more.

© Pete Galaxie Productions and Into the Fire Productions, LLC. Used by permission.


Photo and Art Restoration

Art101: Jimmie Spheeris Album Art Restoration for Sony Music

Restoration of vintage LP cover art. Commissioned by Sony Music for the CD release of the Jimmie Spheeris catalog. Click the image above for details.

Vintage Restaurant Menu Restoration

Restoration of a vintage restaurant menu. Commissioned by an Art101 client for a wedding anniversary gift. Click the image above for details.

Vector art, illustrations, branding, product packaging, print collateral, all sorts of stuff.

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"Andy’s excellent sense of balance and graphic design is an
indispensable part of the Liquid Mind® brand success since its inception.
Working with Andy online in real time has proven to be exceptionally efficient."

Chuck Wild
Liquid Mind Music |

"Andy uses space, color, fonts and images beautifully with a tight grid,
on time and on budget. Highly recommended."

Dell Richards
Dell Richards Publicity

"Andy's work helped make our startup and launch a great success."

Richard Rosebush
Destinations Mobility

© ART101.COM ® design and digital imaging